BAAP Group Top Shot


Concept x Research
Design x Album Art
Sound Design
Art Direction
Fund Raiser Campaign
Film Direction

Lyari's Fists of Strength: Female Boxers break barriers in Baap MV's journey to empowerment.

BAAP is written and performed by Blal Bloch and produced by Talal Qureshi. Blal appraoched the FT.WASTUDIO team to come up with a conceptual music video, album art design and we put in a fund raiser campaign into the mix too!Β 

BAAP which means “topdog” in English slang follows the inspiring journey of the young ladies of Pak Shaheen Boxing Club. Determined and tenacious they have grown up in Lyari, one of the most densely populated slums in the world – on their turf these athletes use boxing as tools for self liberation and challengingΒ  societal norms. Our film documents the streets of lyari , the boxing club, and scenes of home life personal to the families.

BAAP Club Group Shot

The girls who are not actresses but athletes in training, prove that strength & determination can overcome any obstacle may that be inside the ring or outside.

As FT.WASTUDIO stepped into Lyari it was visually overwhelming – everywhere we turned we were struck by hundreds of box like linear structures. We wanted to relay that exact feeling to our viewers through BAAP’s MV, of being in a cramped space, so each frame feels stuffed to the brim with no way out.

In a place like Lyari, it takes a village to get even one child noticed or selected and yet here we have a full team of superstars and families of medal winners.

In BAAP the bridge serves as a towering podium, elevating the female athletes above the rest, symbolizing and recognizing their victory. The climb up the bridge also becomes a metaphor, where women exclusively construct pathways for one another, escaping the confines of patriarchy. Their battle isn’t amongst themselves, but a collective effort supporting each other. For these athletes, the struggle persists relentlessly every day.

The video concludes without resolution or a clear victor as both girls persistently engage in an ongoing battle within the ring, portraying an eternal struggle. Pakistani women are often dehumanized or depicted as oppressed and controlled. However, our girls confidently occupy space, displaying strength and comfort in their own bodies. They embody characteristics of being fun-loving, spiritually connected, family-oriented, self-assured, resilient, and authentic, all on their own terms. Watch the full music video below.

BAAP Uncle x Boxer

FT.WASTUDIO has started a GoFundMe campaign and it is on a mission to empower young female athletes by funding their dreams through this video. Our collective goal is to build a high-quality boxing ring that will serve as a platform for their dreams. Your generosity can turn their aspirations into reality.