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CLIENT: Boiler Room x KCR

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Uniting Talents & Bridging Cultures: FT.WASTUDIO x first BOILER ROOM in Pakistan

FT.WA STUDIO was proud to be an invaluable contributor for BOILER ROOM – PAKISTAN. We had the opportunity to collaborate with a collective of exceptional individuals in filming and documenting Karachi’s groundbreaking BOILER ROOM inaugural in Pakistan.
Our studio was taken on board for this project, contributing our expertise with our hands-on style in filming to shape and enhance the event’s essence. Check out the video highlights below from the night.  

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Capturing the Sound of Now was all about showcasing the underground Karachi music culture and all it has to offer.  The show led by KCR, Cape Monze, Dialled In & Chalo Hq at the helm was all about celebrating the country’s new emergent dance music community & its native heritage of live performance.

FT.WASTUDIO was also part of the “THE BRIDGING THE GAP” workshop, in collaboration with British Council. This workshop served to foster connections and nurture talent within the local artistic community.The event underscored Boiler Room’s dedication to providing a stage for the multitude of talents that thrive within Pakistan. 

It was an inspiring showcase, from a B2B feat., Kukido and TMPST, Ozzie, Tollcrane, Lyla and MALIK shedding light on the rich creativity and skill that exists in Pakistan. For FT.WA STUDIO, being an integral part of this historic event was a privilege. We take immense pride in our contribution, knowing that we played a significant role in amplifying and celebrating the rich tapestry of Pakistan’s artistic prowess on a global platform. Other live performances of the night were done by Natasha Noorani, Natasha Ejaz, Jaubi and Ustad Noor Baksh (currently on tour across Europe).  We hope to see more events like these to happen across Pakistan. Raving is an act of Defiance!

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