CLIENT: Frieha Altaf

Show Concept x Production
Sound Design

Brave & Bold: Frieha Altaf's FWhy Podcast is asking all the right questions

Everyone has a voice and every voice has a story to tell. FWhy is that safe space to share those real life experiences. Our primary logomark serves as both an F for Frieha and as a question mark. A podcast to ask those questions everyone else is reluctant to ask.
It aspires to be a podcast that shares in both the pain and the laughter and seeks to challenge what it means to be a South Asian person of colour.
FWhy B

It’s no secret that currently there aren’t Pakistani podcasts that effectively cater to the issues that actually matter the most. FWhy wants to force these matters to the forefront for everyone to see.

FWhy C
Using impactful online content, FWhy wants to empower its viewership,validate experiences and create dialogue in a tangible and provocative way.
FWhy E

The logo itself is made up of a hybrid of GT Walsheim and GT Pressura. The roundness to each alphabet gives it a smooth and seamless feeling. Making the typeface approachable and warm. 
GT Walsheim is inspired by the lettering of Swiss poster designer legend Otto Baumberger. It is a friendly but precise typeface.
GT Pressura is designed by Dominik Huber and Marc Kappeler; it has been inspired by metal type printing, as well as engineered letters stamped onto shipping boxes. It uses the visual gesture of ink spreading under pressure as a stylistic device. Watch the video below.

The icon has an interchangeable fun dot that can be moved around, depending on theme, mood and preference. The icon serves as a versatile ident which adds to the personality of the FWhy brand. The dot itself has a curvature to it, giving it a slightly nurturing feminine feel. Watch the videos below.

Our logo is extremely versatile and can be applied in numerous colour ways. It can also be inverted depending on usage.
These are some of the colours ranging from a spectrum of serious and sober to fun and feisty that we have created for the FWhy podcast brand. Watch the videos below.