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Rediscovering Karachi's Summer Charm: A Journey through Generation's 2022 Sale

In 1983, Saad and Nosheen Rahman founded Generation to meet the growing demand for affordable fashion among urban Pakistani women.Β 

Today, their vision has blossomed into a leading ready-to-wear womenswear brand, offering fresh designs to stores multiple times a week without repetition. The Generation Woman embodies this ethos β€˜a blend of tradition and innovation. The brand’s story revolves around family and extends to customers, workers, and students. Each clothing line reflects a different facet of her personality, whether it’s festive, casual, youthful, or understated.


Every woman has a few key to go to stores where one can blindly make a solid choice when it comes to reliable & high quality fashion, with β€˜GENERATION’ many women has developed that association.

β€œGeneration stands out with its signature take on contemporary fashion, setting trends and pushing boundaries”

Generation’s summer is renowned over the country, and our mission was to take Generation’s summer sale 2022 to new heights. We injected creativity into the campaign, crafting a bespoke music piece and weaving charming snippets of Karachi into the visuals to captivate our audience. Our goal was to make this sale irresistible and ensure that shoppers flock to grab the hottest deals like never before,by evoking a brief sense of summer nostalgia through our concept. Watch Chooza and Phool Gaari Below.


We focused on daily things around the city, focusing on the visual experience we witness when the heat of summer is upon us like we showed, sugar cane wala , bedecked buses , colorful choozay (chicks), spice market, phool gali (flower market) & Urdu Bazaar.

The visuals revolved around the core idea of wholesome nostalgia beauty in unexpected specs & places, deeply embedded in the local culture with the overarching that felt synonymous with β€˜Generation’ as a brand.