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Google x YouTube ft. Dr. Iqra Kanwal: empowering women of the future of in technology.

Dr. Iqra Kanwal is one of the highest viewed content creators from Pakistan, known for her roles as YouTube Vlogger for her channel Sistrology, Host, TikTok Star, Singer, Influencer plus the doctor tag to match. Each sister, including their father, runs their own thriving YouTube channels and they are all focused on empowering everyday women. Iqra’s strong connection with her father highlights the importance of supportive parenting, especially in promoting the empowerment of daughters in their life choices both personally and professionally.Β Β 

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With a strong presence on YouTube, millions of viewers tune in to watch her and her family’s wholesome content daily. “Real, funny, open and empowering”, are just some of the words people have for Dr.Iqra Kanwal. Watch the Case Study Below.

FT.WASTUDIO was commissioned by Google toΒ  capture the story of Dr. Iqra Kanwal, the YouTube content creator and digital superstar.

The case study was aimed to highlight YouTube’s positive impact on Pakistan, to promote gender equality and female empowerment and a positive and progressive representation of traditional Pakistani family values.Β  YouTube was keen to focus onΒ  ordinary people making powerful, localised content; and the ripple effect generated by successful female creators making a positive impact in Pakistan beyond gender boundaries.


Embarking on a journey through Iqra’s world, our focus was on her YouTube odyssey, authentically intertwined with snippets of her family in a similar style to her vlogs. We uncovered the ripple effect YouTube has had on Iqra’s life and of those around her, along with capturing candid conversations with her sisters. Lastly, we share Iqra’s empowering words, a direct message of inspiration, encapsulating the various facets of her story.