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CLIENT: Mall Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Creative Strategy
Music Production
Film DirectionΒ 

ELYSIUM: The Effortless Vision - An ASMR Journey of Architectural Brilliance

FT.WASTUDIO was commissioned by Mall Developers to direct a comprehensive three-part film series spotlighting “ELYSIUM,” the innovative upcoming building slated for construction in Karachi, Pakistan by the prestigious architectural firm, Habib Fida Ali.Β 
Mall Developers in collaboration with HFA which has a legacy of iconic buildings in their roster wanted to build a sanctuary built away from the chaos – designed from a zen way of life.Β 

Intention. Attention. Attitude.

Mindfulness, reveals itself through the structure and it’s design.Β  Elysium is a vertical neighbourhood, which has been designed to represent and accommodate the transformative values of frenzied city life as it sculpts and modulates through different phases, environments and moods.Β 

Slide One - HFA

The Artist Is Present
In the first part of our film, we delve deep into HFA’s design journey. This fascinating exploration reveals their ever-changing design philosophy, intricately integrated into Elysium’s core. We take viewers on a tour of the architect’s beautifully crafted home, showing how the journey began and how it echoes throughout the project. Watch The Short Film Below.

Great design is the genesis of feeling, it serves as a trigger.Β 

It can jolt our senses to a state of Zen.Β  FT.WASTUDIO’s primary focus was exploring why we get a sense of calm when we experience good design. Our secondary focus was what does great design feel like. Our creative challenge was to create that sense of feeling through the Elysium building.

Sexy Chic Simple Effective Memorable

Our goal was to design an ident that effortlessly conveyed the essence of the building’s final structure while showing the three core materials used ingeniously transforming into the distinct formation of the three bars composing into the “E” in ELYSIUM.

Slide Two - HFA
Slide Two Point Three - HFA
Slide Three - HFA

A Marriage of Materials
In the second part of our film, We focused on blending beauty and practicality in “ELYSIUM.” Using ASMR for a soothing touch, we aimed to bring calmness and energy to the core materials of the project: glass, light concrete, and steel. Our story highlights the balance between nature and design, featuring Habib Fida Ali’s studio transformed by lush greenery. This represents nature and architecture working in harmony, reflecting HFA’s dedication to honoring nature’s role in shaping their creations.Β Watch The Short Film Below.

Elysium Model Sketch - HFA
Elysium Model Process - HFA

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Japanese architect TADAO ANDO, celebrated for his restrained, minimalist style and mastery of concrete, we delved into the fundamentals of architectural sketching. FT.WASTUDIO was tasked to develop a series of freehand illustrations intended to accompany the films and website of the project. Our goal was to emulate simplicity in our illustrations, adopting a direct approach that echoed the essence of Ando’s design philosophy. These creations were envisioned to capture the core essence of architectural concepts, embodying straightforwardness and clarity reminiscent of the king of concrete’s iconic style. The free hand style effortlessly captured the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the design process of a monumental structure such as “ELYSIUM.”Β 


We’ve developed a custom animated version of the logo that embodies cleanliness, elegance, and adaptability. The emblem showcases a seamless motion, as the three bars unfold to unveil the brand name, reinforcing a sense of continuity. This tri-bar motif is consistently integrated across our entire film series, which is divided into three distinct parts.

Our last movie delves into the significance of finding solace in the midst of Karachi’s vibrant yet overwhelming lifestyle. “ELYSIUM” offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of modern city life.

Ethereal Solid Graceful Minimal

Our movie delves into the evolution of Elysium, illustrating its journey from a simple structure made of cement and mortar to a representation of compassion, redefining our connections with one another, nature, and society through its design. The concluding scene across our trilogy displays an etched ELYSIUM emerging luminously from solid concrete. Watch The Short Film Below.