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CLIENT: Ubuntu

Script x Creative Strategy
Creative Direction
Sound Design
Film Direction

Ubuntu: Seasonless Clothing for the free spirited

“I’m love in a flesh prison, yearning to dance”.

Give them face. Give them body. Walk in beat. Compact mirror hands that do the talking. Serving claps with style, attitude and poise, to wake up a judgemental society.Β 

FT.WASTUDIO explored the concept of Plato’s Symposium through 3 fashion films exploring Water, Psyche & Ritual.Β  We wanted to tell a story of a time when every human being was originally an androgynous creature: a spherical figure with two heads, four arms, four legs and two sex organs.Β  Watch the Sea Sequence Below.

FT.WA “created” an organic runway on theΒ  streets of Karachi. We created a choreography with the use of the body as a political landscape. Elongated hands were used to punctuate the air, as weapons cutting across Nazar (bad energy). The use of non-linear moves were created to defy gender norms. The models and theatre actors of UBUNTU’s collection were shown to break free from their shackles and let themselves loose across the heat hazed bazaars and markets of Karachi city. If you listen hard enough you can hear the silent turbulent anthem of a million voices. Watch the REM Sleep Sequence Below.

All Photos by ZNALI / ZNALI.CO

In Plato’s Symposium these human beings radiated an extraordinary power, so much so that they could climb Mount Olympus, where all the gods lived and dethrone them all.Β  Zeus, the leader of all gods threatened by such mutiny of his power, decided to split all the androgynes in two to weaken their energy and to “tame their restlessness”. Since then, they the androgenes have wandered in search of that other half. Our final video tries to show this army of “androgynes” preparing to take over with their shields as faceless mirrors, arms for spears/knives and claps powered by the stomping feet of the Dhamal to drown out and break apart the “noise of hate and power”. Watch Rituals below.

All Photos by ZNALI / ZNALI.CO